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Cards Rock-n-Roll Memphis 56-0

Posted by frankpos on October 10, 2010

Card red all over Memphis blue...all day long...

Cardinal red all over Memphis blue... all day long...


Hmmm,  I smell something cooking ….

Louisville barbecued  its ancient bitter rival 56-0,  notching  its first shutout in 4 years–

And set a fire under  its own season heading into Big East play.

On a perfect summer day (in mid- October),  the  Cards again flashed a potent mix of running and passing,  spiced with inspired play-calling by OC  Mike Sanford–including a flea-flicker pass play out of the wildcat formation.

The second quarter determined the game.  The Cards poured on 28 points– almost all on strikes to Bellamy or running by Bilal Powell.

The Cards are now 3-2…and are primed to reclaim a certain Keg O Nails when Cincy visits this Friday…

I would never have said this before the season –but new Head Coach Charlie Strong did.

He stated our goal was to win the Big East–THIS year.

And, with an obviously weak Big East this year….

And with the new-look -and- attitude Cards now rocking on all cylinders…

Charlie may well prove right.

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