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Cards Rip Chattanooga 106-65

Posted by frankpos on November 23, 2010

Loyola -Marymount circa 1988-1990 anyone?

Their teams during those few years were involved in 7 of the highest scoring ballgames in NCAA history.  No other team even comes close…

Uh, uh...stuffed Goode.

They scored over 120 points( ! )  in two of those games … and lost one of those.

That track-meet offense propelled what might well have been mediocre teams into an Elite 8 berth eventually.

Rick Pitino states he wants his team’s offense to emulate those Loyola teams.

Tonight he got his wish.

Everyone got going...here Stephan Van Treese flushes one.

The Mocs decided they would run … so the Cards ran ’em out of The Bucket 106-65.

It was run-gun-fun, with 7 players scoring in double figures, on 25 assists. The Cards popped 15  3 -balls, and shot a blistering 62% in the second half –and 49% overall.

The Cards D put on a show too, forcing 25 TO’s.

Last game was a step backwards…this game was full-on progress.

It was a hell of a lot of fun watching Loyola Marymount in those years.

I think it’s going to be fun to watch this Card team too…

(These pics were taken by Hell in the Hall’s main photog, Matt Wickham.  For his full set of over 100 photos of the game, http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157625450670352/detail/)

Peyton Siva dishes one of his 5 assists.


Rakeem Buckles is more athletic than u…

*******************************************************************Kentucky-born freshman Elisha Justice led the Cards again with 6 assists--this young man can flat play..

Kentucky-born freshman Elisha Justice led the Cards again with 6 assists–this young man can flat play.



Gratuitous LadyBird shot…

2 Responses to “Cards Rip Chattanooga 106-65”

  1. sarasotacard said

    Love your blog, Frank. Whose legs are those with the “Hardwood Dedication” tattoo. I love that. Also love the LadyBird shots. Their never gratuitous.

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