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Butt-Whuppin’ in The Bucket: Cards 92- Isiah Thomas U 55

Posted by frankpos on December 2, 2010

Well, that was the first time ever, that we played FIU aka Isiah Thomas U….

And I can assure you… There’s no need to do it again–ever.


"Rock" Buckles in action...this man may well become Mr. Double-Double before his. time here is done.


The Cards once again proved themselves the King of the Sun Belt, this time with a major whipping of a truly shell-shocked FIU team 92-55.

This game got out of hand from the get-go, with Preston Knowles knocking down two quick 3’s, and Louisville roaring to a 29-4 start.

And…that was the game.

What do you learn from a game like this one?  Not much unfortunately .  Coach Pitino hesitated  for a good 15 seconds as he started his post-game presser, searching for exactly what he COULD say.

Yes, the main man, football Coach Charlie Strong, was in the house...and received a standing O in the second half when the cameras panned to him.


To paraphrase what he ended up saying:  The other team just was so incredibly bad from the very beginning–and throughout– that we didn’t learn much asa team.  We just go on…

Pitino did note that he started Stephan Van Treese to show the others how to block out and rebound–but that he didn’t.  This is the one thing I keep noticing, and has me worried– we are simply not a good rebounding team, particularly by our post players.

Gorgui Dieng had 7 blocked shots...and showed a nice turnaround jumper, and a willingness to put it on the floor and drive.  This young man is learning VERY quickly every game.


Gorgui Dieng blocked 7 shots…and flashed a nice turnaround jumper, and the ability to put it on the floor and drive to the hole.  This young man is learning VERY quickly.


When your 6′ guards keep showing up as your leading rebounders… something is NOT quite right…

But on we go…and at the risk of sounding like Dick Vitale, I will note some other things:

Gratuitous LadyBird shot...

***Coach Charlie Strong was in the house, strolling in during the middle of the first quarter to a seat behind the U of L bench near me, and then getting a standing O when the camera panned to him later…

***I waited around for FIU coach and NBA great Isiah Thomas to come out at the post-game presser.  It took him a while…

But I will say that he looked awfully natty and well composed in his Italian suit with a blue splash of pocket handkerchief. One of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players of All Time unfortunately is not as natty in his losing records as a coach in both the NBA and now at FIU (11-27 so far…).

Like Pitino, he didn’t have much to say either.  Said he didn’t recognize his team, they were dazed from the start by the arena, the pressure–whatever… just time to move on to the next game.

***I discovered also tonight , that we were playing in something called the Global Shoot-Out–involving Marshall and FIU.  I’m not sure what Globe that mkting person was looking at, but…

Oh… Apparently we won the damn thing.  Where’s the trophy?

So….on we go…or I should say, here we stay.  We will be in the friendly confines of  The Bucket for a few more games while Rick weans this team off mid-major pablum.

Meanwhile, ck out the 100+ photos of the game taken by main Hell in the Hall photog, Matt Wickham, http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157625511591848/detail/

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