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Last Cupcake Eaten: Cards 61- San Francisco 35

Posted by frankpos on December 9, 2010

Siva.... stirred the straw for the O in the second half


Game Summary:

Fast start 20-8.

Bad end to first half, as ball movement breaks down against 1-3-1 zone, and Marra deteriorates into air-ball 3’s in a  1-6  first half and and Preston   1-4.

All were open shots –but flat-footed 3’s, in a slowed down set offense.

No ball movement.  Opponent in zone ready to block out.  Bad, bad… if you miss.  And we did…

Until we finally eked  out  a one point lead at half.

Obligatory TJ "Joy Jam"


The ugly stats at half–and what happens when this team of no stars has zero ball movement against a zone:

We were out -rebounded by 6 !  (USF only suited 8 players for this game and none was a world beater…)

And we were outshot by a 226 ranked USF team–who only shot 40% !

Later , in the presser, Coach Pitino noted that the Cards played into USF coach Rex Walters’ strategy–with only 8 players suited up, and knowing he couldn’t run with the Cards.

Walters wanted to force us to beat his team from outside.  If we missed, his team slowwwwwed the game down, taking shots in the last 5 seconds of the shot clock.

When we started missing…the game slowed down.  And let me tell you–we didn’t react well.

But in the second half, we used our total in-your-face-all over-the -court D to hold the Dons to just 5 field goals…

And we moved the ball quickly, accurately, and unselfishly all around the court– as we have done most of this year, particularly in first half blow-outs recently.

In the second half,  Peyton Siva was the main man in  a 16-0 run by Louisville, with his D,   pushing the pace hard, and  dishing off–and he also nailed two 3’s.

Spurred by Siva–and the Cards’  intensified overall D–the Cards scorched  San Francisco 36-11 in the final half.

Yeah...we be jammin' second half...but let's see how we do-- in test #2

And…so ends  the last test before UNLV.

UNLV–currently ranked 2nd nationally in shooting at 54% —and 9th in team D, holding opponents to 36% shooting.

A team ranked a few spots ahead of Louisville in the latest AP.  A team that Pitino called ” one of the 3 best teams we will face this year in the Yum Center.”

A team that has beaten us two years in a row– including the Elite 8 year with T-will and Earl !

The first test in the Bucket was  # 16 Butler.  And my…wasn’t that a surprising bit of fun?

Now comes  the second…

I guarantee…. this one won’t be nearly as easy…

But… let me tell u…

It will be damn loud in The Bucket.  We are 7-0 , all at home.

I say…

When the heat is on,

let’s see who gets extra crispy….

Gratuitous LadyBird shot....


Ck out 100+ pics of the game taken by Matt Wickham, the main photog for Hell in the Hall,



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