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Yummer Bummer: Cards Flop Against Drexel 52-46

Posted by frankpos on December 16, 2010

You can go back and read the tea leaves now….  it was all  right there.

Drexel was out-rebounding their opponents by 13 per game;  Louisville by only 4…

Blocking out…rebounding….things the Cards have not done very well all year, even against severely undersized opponents.

And this fed right into Drexel’s strength….as it showed, with Drexel pounding the much taller Cards by 20 boards.

Even so…this was an eminently winnable game.  Because Drexel shot horribly and turned the ball over often.

But, in a truly discouraging way, the Cards wasted multiple opportunities, by making only half their free throws, and by constantly rushing shots–often 3 pt shots, without even trying to work it into the paint.

The issue of rebounding has been brought up in  almost every post-game press conference.  When I pressed Coach Pitino  two games ago on the lack of rebounding by the Bigs on this team, his answer was :  “We are not a Top 10 team.  We are going to have to rebound as a team.”

Rebounding is sheer effort.  Sweat.  Pounding and being pounded.

It’s high effort, without high reward– there is little instant gratification from the fans, such as there is for a nice shot.

Players can be taught to rebound.  Luke Whitehead is Example #1 : A few years ago , he was contributing little to the team.  He was told to either focus on rebounding –or sit a lot.

Guess what?  He became a rebounding machine–at 6’5″ !

This is not a problem that is going to go away.  We are soon entering the meat of our schedule, with Big East teams that will pound us to death inside,  if we let them.

Rebounding AND effective  ball movement is critical for the success of this team.  And both  require focus and hard effort.

This team of no stars has little margin for error.  It can be a Top 20 season–or it can deteriorate quickly.

These next 6-7  games will  likely tell which it will be….

(Matt Wickham took pics of this game for Hell in the Hall.  See them http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157625495907459/

Of course– there’s also a  LadyBird video too, shown below …..)

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