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Behold ! The First Miracle in The Bucket: U of L 71 – Marquette 70

Posted by frankpos on January 15, 2011


Preston Knowles eyes the feed to Kyle Kuric for the winning bucket in perhaps the greatest comeback in U of L history.

and King Kyle watches it go down....


I still don’t believe what I just saw…

The packed house at the Yum ! Center was looking on in stunned silence at the bleak scenario facing the Cards:

Just 5:44 left in the game.

Cards down 18 points…and being dominated by Marquette, in every phase of the game–particularly letting them have offensive rebounds and 2-3 shots almost every  series.

The team clearly gassed…Pitino later saying that the Cards  were gasping for breath in the huddle.  He screamed at them that the other team was just as exhausted….

And… the season slipping away psychologically. Spanked by Villanova in their last outing, and now being crushed–at home! – by the Golden Eagles….

The fans had already started the trickle toward the exits…as unfortunately, so too had all the football and other recruits brought in today to ideally see a victory–but having seen this dismal performance.

And then… it happened.  In less than 6 minutes…

Stephan Van Treese started the wild finish with this put back.


*Preston Knowles popped four 3’s in 4 minutes– the last one on an incredible turnaround with two players draped all over him

Preston ! popped four 3-balls in a 4 minute span that made the impossible...possible


* Terrence Jennings –who had been regressing badly over the last few games –sank 4 straight free clutch  throws on  tense 1 -and -1’s , grabbed 4 rebounds and swatted away the lay up attempt that then led to our winning basket.

Terrence Jennings shares an emotional hug with his father, JJ (in blue), and a fist bump with his cousin , Ronny , on the right. After several tough games, senior TJ came through in the clutch making 4 straight free throws on 1-and-1's, grabbing 4 bounds and blocked a key shot in the comeback. BTW--Ronny and TJ's Uncle come to Louisville from California once each year to take in a game--and they saw their blood perform in an all-time classic.




*Elisha Justice orchestrated the offense with precision, and added 2 boards, and 2 assists with only 1 TO

With Siva having a turnover prone night, Pitino went with Elisha Justice in the comeback- who up to this game had 77 consecutive minutes of action with 0 turnovers. And Justice directed the comeback brilliantly.


…..and the Cards had –suddenly–stunningly–magically finished the game on a 24-5 tear and emerged as winners.

In over 40 years of watching U of L basketball, I can say this easily  ranks among the top five comebacks I’ve seen.  Toppers? Perhaps the 2001 Tennessee game in the Hall, when we came back from 9 down with 1:50 left on three 3-pters–the nearly full house still dancing for 20 minutes AFTER that game, rocking the Hall.    Perhaps the wild 2005 Final Four shoot-out against WVU.  Perhaps even the 1988 game against South Carolina on the road–down 14 with 1:04 left, the Cards tied it with a 3-ball at the buzzer and won in overtime.

Where ever it ranks…it was special to be there.  To be there for that first miracle–one of the greatest in history –the Marquette Miracle–in The Bucket.

Anvillen Video Highlights in HD…

Here’s the video of the winning shot…

Here’s  a video montage by Cardinal Highlights:



Main Hell in the Hall photographer, Matt Wickham, shot over 100 pics of the game here


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