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Louisville 68 Lamar 48

Posted by frankpos on November 14, 2011

Not pretty at all, and not a good warm-up for what will be a stern test at Butler next Saturday.

But…we won by 20 over a veteran team with 4 starters back.  And we held a team that often topped 100 pts last year to just 48.

The rust is being scraped away quickly. Jared Swopshire has shown he is ready to play this year, leading the Cards over Lamar.


Other meanderings now that we have seen a few games:

Do you think Jared Swopshire is ready to play?  The real Swop has reappeared after his long hiatus, once again showing the snaky, Herb Crook -like game that ends with a quiet but substantial  haul of both rebounds and points.  Coach Pitino says this is
Swop’s last year.  I say that was a hell of a motivator for Jared, and if he continues to play this well , then look for Coach to do a 180 on Swop’s return.

Chane Behanan continues to impress.  One of the most complete  freshmen that have ever put on the Red-and-Black.

Doing his best Wes Unseld imitation, freshman Chane Behanan gets his big mitt on this rebound. He continues to shine on all counts.

Where is the real Kyle Kuric ?  The savior of freedom Hall….  King Kyle?  Even Kyle’s Korner seems vacant, as teams are shadowing Kuric more this year– and he has  frankly failed to adjust his game and intensity  to respond.  Somehow, someway, we need him to get his mojo back.


Where oh where is the real Kyle Kuric ? Kuric needs to get it going, if the Cards are going to make some big time noise this year


My concern about the point guard position amped up again as the trio of small, quick Lamar guards gave Peyton Siva fits, backing off his drives and cutting off his normal passing lanes.  Unfortunately, this prompted a regression on Siva’s part to out of control drives ala Sosa in attempts to score.  And again Siva’s sub, Elisha Justice, failed to  penetrate or ignite the offense at all.  A continuing huge concern in my mind as more teams learn how to contain Siva as the season wears on.

Even Peyton Siva seemed out of sync in this game, as the trio of quick Lamar guards pounded on him and cut off his passing lanes.


Another concern that won’t go away given what I’ve seen so far:  Rebounding.  We were weak  last year, and still look soft, even with the addition of Behanan.  The only way Lamar stayed in this game was by outhustling us for 21 offensive rebounds and holding us pretty even on the boards– even though they were severely undersized.  Intensity and desire are the keys to rebounding– and I just don’t see it yet.  Maybe when Rak Buckles returns…


Gorgui Dieng slammed this one through, but still was too raw to dominate a severely undersized but scrappy Lamar team. Nor did he get a lot of help on the boards as Lamar grabbed 21 O bounds to help them stay in the game.


Finally, Mike Marra.  A sad, sad sudden end to what was beginning to look like a promising Junior year season.  With the team still jelling and expected to do so for awhile, Mike Maara will definitely be missed here in the early going, and would have been a worthwhile sub throughout the campaign.  We can only wish Mike well, and a solid recovery.

Mike Marra was beginning to show flashes of promise for his junior season, until he went down with a torn ACL in his knee. We can only wish him a sound recovery--he will be missed this year as a key sub.


Ck out Matt Wickham’s game  photos for Hell in the Hall http://www.flickr.com/photos/kylures/sets/72157628122654916/detail/

Lamar Coach Pat Knight (aka Bobby Knight's son) gets just a tad excited as he gets T'd up in the first half. Pat gave a funny, self-deprecating presser after the game, and showered praise on the potential of this Card team.

Preston ! Knowles was in the house, informing fans his foot has finally healed and he's ready to make some money playing overseas.

Somebody thought creating a plastic, spastic, stiff Milk Chug -like Cardinal Bird was a good idea. Somebody was wrong.

Oh, by the way--- the LadyBirds were there....

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