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Goin’ Down to Memphis…

Posted by frankpos on December 14, 2011

(Editor’s note:  As we welcome Mem-piss St.  to their first game in town in 7 years, it’s time to reminisce a bit on The Rivalry…written in 2008 on my experience on my last trip down there before we exited C-USA for the Big East.)



For some reason ever since the beginning of this season, my gut has been gurgling. It knows.

We must play Memphis.

For all the marbles.

It is ordained.

As I was cruisin’ In The Ville BBall forums today, the Old School was in session.

And they were already hot on the greatest villains in Card BBall history.

UK? Oh, yeah… and we could go on for days just there.

But for the most hate over the longest period of time…hands down, it’s Memphis.

If you were not at those Memphis games in the 70’s and 80’s–you just don’t know.

They were some of the wildest, closest, most hate-filled games of all time.

Chair swingin’ melees at Freedon Hall (hello, Fred Horton), batteries–and a switch blade–thrown onto the court…

The most hated coach of all time: Dana Kirk.

The greatest Card killer of all time: Larry Finch.

The man who would not graduate: Keith Lee.

And finally, Mr Name: Baskerville Holmes.

I have been at many Memphis games since the late 60’s– but interestingly, I may have gotten my greatest insight and pleasure at our very LAST game– you know, the Darius Washington game.

The tourney was in Memphis and all week long I took pointed but good-natured sh*t from EVERYONE– waitresses, doormen. people walking on the street.

I found out the real truth–they hate us so much because they envy us so much. No champ rings, you see.

And, how they do hate us…

At the champ game, we were surrounded by Memphis fans–the FedEx Forum had about 1/4 Card fans. And, Memphis knew we were going to the Big East–and they weren’t. And that we had just snubbed them on any future games.

They came that day for that last pound of flesh– and eternal bragging rights.

The game swung wildly back and forth. But the ultimate agony–and deliciousness- was having Memphis fans congratulating themselves as Darius walked to the line for that first free throw.

And then seeing them go from the ultimate high to agonized wails one minute and three misses later…

So, my gut gurgles at the Karmic implications this season.

No, not fear of course.


Playing –and beating–one of our most hated rivals of all time, on the BIG STAGE.

We almost had UK on that stage for all the marbles in ’75. Wooden and a last-second rimmed out free throw prevented that.

Now, will the planets align?

Can we dance with–and on– the Tigers. One. More. Time.

My gut’s ready…

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