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Bunny Ears And All…Cards Get Ready For Michigan St. Showdown II

Posted by frankpos on March 21, 2012

Unbelievably...Russ Smith goofs on Coach Pitino during his live post-game interview after the win over New Mexico St.
Yes, the Cards --at least this wildest Card--appear loose.


Coach Rick Pitino is 9-0 in Sweet Sixteen match-ups.

Coach Tom Izzo is 3-0 getting his team to the Final Four when it is a #1 seed.

Obviously, something has to give.

The first round between these two highly successful coaches  went convincingly to Izzo — in the 2009 Elite 8 match-up when his #2 seed Spartans took out overall #1 seed, and highly favored, Louisville.

Cards fans are mixed in their emotions on this return bout–some have  craved revenge, while others have feared Izzo’s 1990’s impressive tournament mojo.

I say… I look forward to this chess match by two of the top masters of this game, and how the intriguing mix of contrasting styles will play out, as the much smaller Cards take on the Spartans imposing front line.

Can the Cards’ quickness disrupt the Michigan St. offense, and create easy transition baskets for Louisville?  Can we handle their front line without Gorgui getting in foul trouble and us getting dominated badly on the boards?

Those two things will be the key to victory.  And I think Pitino has been craving a return bout.

I say round two goes to the Cards !  Let’s play this thing!

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