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Sweet Win-dication ! Cards Gut Gators in Biggest BCS Upset Ever

Posted by frankpos on January 3, 2013

“What about that?  Whoa, we kicked their ass!”

Charlie Strong commenting to a national writer after the game, per Eric Crawford


sugar bowl 15












No one saw it coming.  Except maybe Charlie.

I –and no doubt most Louisville fans– just wanted to “at least keep it close.”

It wasn’t close.  No, we ate ’em.  Did the big chomp on them.

sugar bowl

































Blew my mind and that of most of the country.  Like Ali had done long ago,  the Cards shocked the world.

Some quick points to chew on further….

  • This was the biggest upset of the BCS era.  The Cards were 15 point underdogs to the #3 ranked team in the nation  from the big , bad SEC.
  • The game was not close.   Not  from the first play of the game which ended in a Card pick-6.
  • Florida played the toughest ranked schedule this year.  They had not allowed 24 points this season–we had that total 8 seconds into the second half.
  • The Gators had not trailed by 14 points all season.  They are not a team built to comeback.  It vividly showed as both their coach and team panicked early in the second half, trying–and failing badly– on  an on-side kick right away while down only 14 points.
  • Teddy Bridgewater added much more to his growing legend.  The kid seems near superhuman, in his ability to take punishment– and then dish it back out in stunning passes and well-directed drives.  He should start out in the top 5 candidates next year for Heisman.
  • This is the biggest win in school football history–easily. Yes, bigger than the Fiesta Bowl and the Orange Bowl victories, great as they were.
  • Arguably, this is also the greatest 12 month run in U of L history– Final 4, ACC membership, and now a BCS win over the #3 team.
  • And in the for what it’s worth column:  UK has tried unsuccessfully  now for 26 straight years to beat Florida.  We did it last night convincingly. Oh, and UK has never even sniffed at an invitation to a BCS Bowl much less won two, like the Cards.
  • sugar bowl34











Your thoughts, Florida Coach Muschamp?  “We got outcoached and outplayed.  That’s what I told the team.  That’s the bottom line.”

Your thoughts, game MVP Teddy Bridgewater?  “I looked at what did and didn’t work for quarterbacks against them in the regular season. They faced guys forcing throws and things like that, trying to force plays, trying to play with an ‘S’ on their chest.  Coach Wats always tells me, ‘No capes on your back.’ Just take what the defense gives you.’ That’s what I took.  Film study played a vital role.”

Geez….How unbelievably heady and mature for a young man?

Teddy took this vicious hit helmet-to-helmet on the first play.  Then got up and dished out his own punishment...

Teddy took this vicious hit helmet-to-helmet on the first play. Then got up and dished out his own punishment…


Finally,  Coach Strong:  “We knew we had the stage tonight.  A national audience and the #3 team.  We’re just scratching the surface.  We can take it to another level.”

The next level involves a long pre-ordained Schnellenbergerian “collision” for the national championship I believe.  And for that to happen we will probably need to start the next season in the top 10 (which we could/should) and clean the table, since our relatively weak schedule will not help us rise in the polls.

How high can these Cardinals fly next year?    Let’s just say I’m smiling….sugar bowl 11

sugar bowl 12

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